Editing Services

"Sari is a phenomenal editor who swooped into my life and 
turned my manuscript around so I could get a crystal clear and powerful
 message across. She's absolutely brilliant. She just totally gets it. 
I'm SO happy that she could help me articulate what I'm trying to say. 
I have total confidence in her." 
 ~ Juliana Park, Author, The Abundance Loop, Hay House Publishing 

"I cannot tell you how happy I am with your editing... it's fantastic! 
I see you got a crazy sense of humor like mine. I've had a few customers tell me 
that this is one of the funniest books they've ever read. Everyone is happy."  
~ Frank Genao, Author, The Sex Lives of Misfits; San Francisco: A Glorified Labor Camp with a Nice Buffet; Sex, Drugs, the Caribbean and Rock & Roll; Don't Feed the Natives!
"Sari's outstanding developmental editing skills are only matched 
by her invaluable professional input and her unwavering dedication 
to her writing projects. I highly recommend her!" 
~ Isabella Price, Author, Jesus Christ: The Love and Wisdom of a 1st Century Mystic; Visions of the End: the Christian Book of Revelation and other Apocalyptic Prophesies; 
In the Beginning: Creation Myths Across Cultures; 
Sacred Love: Manifestations of the Goddess

"Sari Friedman transformed my manuscript into a work that I will be proud of all my life. 
I am extremely grateful." ~ Charles Ayres, Author, Impossibly Glamorous
you'd be lucky to get her. She expertly tightened my manuscript while 
keeping my voice intact and adding eloquence and power. She gave me sound advice, recommendations, and a good dose of encouragement. She delivered the final product ahead of the very tight deadline we had. I've already hired her for my next project. 
She is a joy to work with." 
~ Natalie Moore, MsEd., MFT, ChT, 
Author, It's A Match! The Guide to Finding Lasting Love

Developmental and Comprehensive Editing: Five cents/word 

General Editing: Four cents/word 

Manuscript Analysis and Commentary Package: Two cents/word

Special Projects: Contact me for a price

WhatsApp, Google or SMS text  me at 972.058.422.9952
Reach me via Skype at sari.ellen.friedman 
Or via voicemail (510) 423-0625