Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Never again, motherf*ckers. Never again. With a side of gratitude, awe, horror, and joy.

Most Tel Aviv stores and restaurants were shuttered today at dusk in readiness for “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day." Tomorrow will be my first “Yom HaZikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah" in Israel. A two-minute long siren will remind us of the murderous Nazis. Six million Jews tortured/killed. Fifty million lives of every kind, worldwide, devoured by WWII. Much of gorgeous Europe turned into a man-made hell.

Here in Israel, at ten in the morning when the siren sounds, people on every street, highway and sidewalk will stop what they’re doing. People will get out of their cars. They'll get off of their bikes. Pedestrians will stop walking. Everyone will listen to the sirens' blare. Souls who were born into Poland, Ethiopia, Argentina, Sudan, China, Morocco, the USA, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, France, Iran, Russian, Chile, Iraq and many other nations will look at each other and remember that they are brothers and sisters. They will remember the courage of those who fought the Nazis.

Though I am the descendent of Holocaust refugees/survivors on both sides of my family, and, for me, remembering isn’t the least bit new, this year I'm having a hard time containing my tears. Yes, I feel a deep grief. And a calm sure defiance: Never again motherf*ckers. Never again. 

But I also feel joy. Being alive is a miracle.

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Eileen Malone Never again motherf*ckers. Never again.
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Jill Sevelow Yes, yes it is. A miracle. Never again.
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Gabby Sprenger I am with you in spirit
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Esther Halevi Ok, Let's cut the bull shit. Yes, we will never forget but we should stop being in Denial that Holocaust is over. Yes, they might not be slaughtering Jews in Millions, but Jews are still being murdered in Kosher Supermarkets in Paris, young Israeli man...See More
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Gabby Sprenger You are absolutely right that there is still much that should be done to end anti-semitism but that does not change the fact that we must keep remembering and especially instructing about the extermination that took place during the Shoah. There are th...See More
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Sari Friedman
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Abby Brunka I so admire you for being there,sari.
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Hans York Yes, Esther, we are. But not herded like animals. My grandparents died @ Dachau not believing Germany capable of such things. Now, we know. Now, we fight.
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Hans York Sari, 2013 was my 1st. awe inspiring.
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Anika Cooper Like you I am born from survivors and refugees. Tomorrow we will take time to remember together - to share the grief of memories, of family never known, of places forbidden to travel -l because it is still dangerous to have a Jewish face. Yes, tomorrow...See More
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Helène Eisenberg In Poland with the March of the Living. Tomorrow we walk the 3.5 km from Auschwitz to Birkenau. 20 or 30,000 of us.
Today we attended a symposium at Jagiellonian University in Kraków - Nuremberg, Hate and Justice. Very distinguished speakers, Alan Dershowitz, former ministers of Justice from France and Canada, more.

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Lori Hannon-Theaker Peace, Sari. Never again. 🔯
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Ziporah Horv Thanks for sharing Sari. Never again.
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Karen Hansen I recall seeing this online last year. I was extremely moved and impressed. I will remotely and emotionally be standing with you all.
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Anne Maxson Never again, for all our families,aunts, Uncles grandparents, Mothers and Fathers.Lost sisters and Brothers.never again!
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Julie Justin Beautiful post. I look forward to the day when I am in Israel for this moment too.
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Steven Jobslik 1- you are entitled to a piece of land.
2-receive compliments for not achievements that you personally did not accomplish.
3- easier to get hired at banks, Hollywood, and news channels....See More

Nancy Ostroff Mr.Jobslik,
I will be praying for you.
You were created in GODs...See More

Sari Friedman
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Melissa Mirenda Klein Stay safe my family heart emoticon maybe one day you can teach me things from you're side of the family
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Hans York Melissa Mirenda Klein, you just have to ask. The Yad Vashem min-memorial on line is a wonderful place to start, or the YIVO archives.
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Melissa Mirenda Klein Whole life growing up Italian to find out you have slim to none
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Hans York Well, I'm old. Grew up an Army kid, father absolutely minimized our faith, then we'd go to Arkansas & his mother's for Passover. Mom & I'd go off post or away from the American group, to find a synagogue. The one in Naples was beautiful. My wife, children, grandkids are Christian (Greek girl, from Massachusetts).
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Lynn Gordon Always remember those that were murdered.
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Melissa Mirenda Klein I'm an Army bratt too but mine was because my father was adoption an through DNA to find out my dads 100 European
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Hans York I did the BRRCA testing for Askenazic breast cancer genes, learned I'm 7% Crimean Tatar (??). I knew my grandparents came here as babies from Crimea, 1901-1902.
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Hans York We were @ the Naval base, Naples, while my father was in Lebanon, 1958. Got his only serious wound there, camped @ the airport.
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Sari Friedman
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Lynn H. Friedman "deep grief and a calm sure defiance" describes exactly what I feel. This year I feel an increase of tears and anger. I do not want the role of "full time anti Semitism fighter". Sometimes it feels like we a pushing a boulder up a hill.Thank G-d for my Partisan spirit, I wish we did not need it.
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Hans York I tend to let it go until I can no longer stand it, then become difficult. Very difficult.
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Robin Zucker We need to remember the others who were murdered as well,whom have no one to mourn for them,the handicapped ,Gypsies, intellectuals,who mourns for them?
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Sari Friedman We remember them all as best we can. You are absolutely right that we should.
Sari Friedman
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Louise Frost When I see one of your post it always excites me and I am eager to read it. I do so with much anticipation. Your words are always beautiful and touch me Sari, but this post more so than usual. This one is so special and I loved it.
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Steve Missry · Friends with Max Edelkopf
Sari friedman. Beautifully stated
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Hindy Abelson You're likely feeling it more intensely because for the first time in your life, you're remembering them in Israel together with an entire Jewish state. And, let's face it, with things as they stand today, Israel is the only place in the world that really gives a damn. Bless you Sari and bless the memory of all our loved ones.
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Maria Stiltz War is hell..
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Bruce K Main Sari, your story is beautiful. I cannot imagine the feelings you must have experiencing this day from Israel. I hope to experience this day in Israel myself one day.
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Vicki Garcia I was just thinking of you this morning when they showed people stopping in the street when the siren went off. It's terrifying that some people deny or don't know about the Holocaust. Never again. Here's one American who will always stand with Israel, and there are many of us. Wishing peace and safety for you all. Miss you!
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Grace Hila Sent u a pm
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Sunny Hester May God continue to bless and keep you safe. Take care
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