Friday, April 15, 2016

Sleepless in Tel Aviv-Yafo

I keep waking at four a.m. and frankly a lot of my life is now tinged in four a.m.- colored haze. It's not unusual to be sleepless and on edge in Tel Aviv-Yafo. No wonder someone here led the way to honoring the Sabbath four thousand years ago, whether it was the matriarch Sarah, a nameless Assyrian, or King Sargon of Akkad who conquered much of the region and kept his empire intact for fifty-six years.
Dusk will come soon. Before they closed their shops for Sabbath, I made it to a blond Russian seamstress who speaks no English but we both know the universal gesture for "please let out this secondhand dress in the bust, so I can wear it." Sitting near her was an older man who runs the veggie stand next door. His stand was already shut. He wore his Kippah as usual, but he was spiffed up in a clean ironed shirt, and he seemed almost to shine like the blue stone he wore on a thong at his neck. He sat there, looking at the seamstress with a sort of hunger.
After being with them, I went to the SuperSol grocery and tried to figure out which item was yogurt. Then I went to a spice shop. The spice guy's assistant was scarfing down raisins and nuts on the sly - he looked hungry as well.
After this I sat on the umber sidewalk tile which was warm from the sun. I listened to birdsong and traffic. I watched palm fronds and zinnias. I remembered visiting the grave of a two thousand year old Tzaddik, a Rabbi who died two thousand years ago but his spirit is said to be able to lift the veil between worlds. Supposedly he still helps the troubled find peace. There did seem to be something special in that place, some lingering ancient presence.
This region could be heaven on earth. Maybe if the warmongers and inciters of hate were no longer given weapons and funding, our tribes could find compassion for one another. Maybe even trust. So much energy is wasted by the human urges to hate and get revenge.
I feel helpless to change any of this. I'm still reeling from being romantically sucker-punched, so I can barely handle the angst in my own tiny little life. I can barely sleep, though I did recently get emotional support in the form of an Artist's Grant. A committee read some of my still-unpublished first novel and decided I was "an exceptional" talent."
I only know that I wish peace for one and all, near and far, now and forever. And I wish peace for myself.

Lily Zajc Beautifully written, as always, Sari!
Marissa Moss And how's the novel coming?
Sari Friedman Chapter two is going from two hundred scribbles on torn pieces of paper into something that looks like a story on a page. I'll get there. I hope.
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Sari Friedman
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Mar Lene Stop living from the outside in live from the inside out and nothing anyone says or does can keep you enslaved to them. You are so much better than that, be an eagle and soar above it ,sleep well little Sari, Shabbat Shalom.
Eva Lowe I am always grateful to find the old ways are not completely lost in A country that embraced technology to the full. Very comforting to find the shoe shiner still in a corner of one street, and the cobbler on the other. Israel is a land full of contrasts. Love my country for it, not In spite of it.
Shabbat shalom, Sari.

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Irving Berkowitz Sending you warm and hopeful thoughts from an old warrior still fighting the good fight. Stay golden, Sari.
Daniel Winter <sigh> the feelers roam the streets and alleyways searching for something they feel has been lost, unaware that the doers, having lost the feel to feel have fallen into the doing of things without feeling.

Shabbat Shalom

Pablo Azor Congratulations for your wins! Shabbat shalom, and wishes of peace on you!
Liz Fleiss Shabbat shalom. My prayer for you this Shabbat is sleep till 5. Hope we will meet soon.
Ruth Baran Gerold · 6 mutual friends
It's so nice to be your friend on fb and get to read your writing . Gut Shabbes!
Gedaliah Shaps Good Shabbos! I wish you peace, health, joy and lightness of heart. You deserve no less.
Julie Justin Love the photos and reflections. Beautiful, Sari.
Julie Justin Shabbat Shalom.
Shirley Dratler Hepner Yoplait is yogurt at Shufersol. In the picture the tall blue bottle is liquid yogurt. The other stuff with the gold tops is cream cheese, marked in English. and light cream cheese with olives. I buy my cream cheese from the dairy (cheese) counter and it's cheaper and tastier.
Sari Friedman I need to figure out how to ask for it in Hebrew wink emoticon
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Sari Friedman
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Jason Weinsoff Wonderful!!
Jack Wathey Love and peace to you, Sari.
Ruth Kummings Good Shabbos.
Bruce K Main Sari, I so enjoy your writing. I hope you can soon find full peace and comfort living in Israel, I certainly can appreciate your feelings, and language difficulties don't help. Hebrew is a struggle, Im hoping to be fairly fluent in about a year. Shabbat Shalom!
Deborah Birman Shlider Yes, it could be heaven ...on this earth
Debbie Reed Fischer Shabbat Shalom
Abe Mayers I miss Tel Aviv. I forgot. Thanks for the pictures.
Tamir Bowen Really well written Sari! Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach
Duke Mitchell Beautiful!
Ziporah Horv Sari, I so love reading your stories of Tel Aviv, gives me such wonderful memories. Congrats on your Artist's Grant,you so deserve it.
I wish you peace and happiness!

Rob Friedman Hi, it's as before, I so fondly remember how we would share thoughts! To your health only healing thoughts as you continue to blossom.
Ken Kiehn See I was right. I told you when I read your work that you were exceptionally talented.
SAMEACH, SARI!!!!!!!!!!!!💝

Marian Paroo Anything special ever happen on your life at that hour?
Sari Friedman I used to work two jobs so I had little time to write, and I would stay up all night writing when I could. I would finish at around three or four a.m. Interesting to think about, I wonder if there's some time-related memory.
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Ariela Shaya I loved reading your post, tel-aviv is special
Sari Friedman
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Marsha Cohen My daughter lives there
Marilyn G Scarl Sari ~ that's beautiful, as always , I hope your life in Eretz Yisroel is always an uplifting one for you ! Stay Safe my friend~ ~Shabbat Shalom! !
Marcio Shmuel Chaim Gomes Dos Santos · Friends with Joel Mikulinser
Beautiful text!
I love forever Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Lishon Tzion and Ashkelon and ....rsrs I love Israel!!
Rachel Biale Tell us more about the prize! And hope you get more sleep soon.
Amy Gottlieb Beautiful post. And congratulations on the grant!
William Eicoff - NiCE~!
Linda Sinclair · 17 mutual friends
Very nice, Sari - I saw you in Tel Aviv!
John Rocha You touched me with this snippet of your life in Tel very much deserve the Artist's Grant. Thank You.
Rita Margules Wein Beautifully written.
Sandra Tyler a grant! That's terrific!
Natania Etienne Sari have a great Pessach am in Toronto than Montreal but after kissing and loving the grand children I will be back to enjoy our beautiful country. Chag sameach hug Natania.
Gary Schwartz · Friends with Joey Green and 4 others
You have a beautiful way with words...
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Gregg Agran Ostroff · 3 mutual friends
Beautifully written. Well said.
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  1. Nice post - Was the "hunger" the same for both~?
    & we are given certain dictates regarding the treatment of the people who occupy the holy land - A Road Map & An Owners Manual that dates back over 3,000yrs