Thursday, March 24, 2016

Purim in Israel

Anonymous photographer, March 24, 2016.

Purim in Israel: lots of hamentashen and music, 
lots of people smiling at babies in costumes. 

The only sobering element is that there's extra security: 
ambulances parked everywhere and ready, 
lots of people with guns. 

Makes sense, as this is the holiday of 
"No we're not holding a grudge, 
we're just glad we're still breathing." 

Cleopatra brings you your hummus. 
Pocahontas is driving the bus. 
Snow White is not eating apples.

From Facebook
Robin Lembersky not an apple in snow whites hand......
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Mar Lene Very Vogue and very now we are living in a sad state of affairs.
Terissa Schor · 3 mutual friends
looks like your average/awesome soldier to me
Rob Friedman Miss you is you
Trudy Greenstone-segal · 3 mutual friends
Weve become adaptable and flexible, the key to survival!
Nancy Flesch Brundige Only in Israel!
Bill Stuart - Don't mess with a #Jewish_Princess~!
Sari Friedman So true.
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Ruth Baran Gerold · 6 mutual friends Thanks for posting this. Rak b'yisroel!
Charles Friedman Is this my niece in this
Sari Friedman No she's an Idf soldier.
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Wendy Hoffman Gullish God Bless the IDF, and Purim and celebrate our survival!! We live on.
Wendy Hoffman Gullish She may be both.
Valerie McElroy No one is going to mess with Israel!
Rochelle Lask Snow White is a brave daughter of Israel.
Henry P Greenspan Dead shot and beautiful
Nagy Rezső Shabbat Shalom dear Sari Friedman heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
Nagy Rezső Beautiful dear Sari Friedmaa
Chris Gersten Sari Friedman thank you for sharing this description if security in Israel.
Alyssa Corona · 3 mutual friends
Strong women of Israel! May I share?
Sari Friedman Thank you Alyssa Corona, I'd be happy for you to share my words and name.
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Alyssa Corona · 3 mutual friends
Todah Sari smile emoticon