Thursday, September 17, 2015

With Wonder....

Breakfast among orange trees, spider plants and basil surrounded by a hedge that, as though inspired by Jacob's Ladder, seems to be reaching toward heaven. Thousands of years ago, in the desert area now known as Beer Sheva, the ancient patriarch known as Jacob used a stone for a pillow, fell asleep, and saw the angels traveling back and forth from heaven to earth on a ladder. In actuality, the hedge before me camouflages the cement box of the building beyond, which, like most of the buildings in Tel Aviv, is filthy, worn, patched, utilitarian and precious as a cherished "schmata" one can't throw away. Nearby, rust-colored pigeons peck for crumbs. Straw-colored weeds cover stones.The roar of a plane makes me glance upward fast, ready to run (I was in Israel during Operation Protective Edge), but Tel Aviv isn't being targeted today. I'm looking at the belly of a plane used by tourists, not war. At this moment, the long shadows of morning find me in a haven, the Lily & Bloom Hotel, where I'm going over my novel manuscript before my fantastic agent (thank you thank you thank you universe for her, for my friends, for good will, for peace, for life, for getting me this far) presents it to potential publishers. I still don't have an Israeli rental, but I paused the seemingly-fruitless search in order to finish my work. I'm fueled by coffee so strong it could shave a beard. How amazing and unlikely it is for any of us to be here. I feel like angels are still traveling that ladder.

Debbie Percelay Thank you for bringing me back to ישראל so perfectly. I hope you find your permanent home soon. I look forward to your posts as you settle in.
Monica E. Carter Happy Belated! You look happy:)
Monica E. Carter P.S. So happy for you and your work!
Sari Friedman Hey Monica E. Carter does this mean you've forgiven me for the awful and insensitive way (I'm sorry, but I was just totally obsessed with playing and had to go cold turkey or insane) I ended our Words with Friends marathon? I still miss it. I still crave it. Pray for me.
Monica E. Carter Not at all! It was needed:). Self-intervention at its finest. I want to email about something, but give me a few days, okay?
Sari Friedman
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Penny Perlman Drapkin I can't wait to read anything you've written.
Sari Friedman
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Hindy Abelson You brought tears of longing, memory, sorrow, joy, pride, remembrance and a cornucopia of other emotions to my eyes this morning. Thank you for that! ❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer Poulin James Sooooooo cool! Rock on!
Julie Justin Beautiful! And wishing you a continued beautiful journey!
Ziporah Horv Beautifully written Sari!
Hans York Looking for your writings. Would you consider Be'er Sheba? I loved it there, much less spendy than the north.
Hans York The pace is some slower, solid university there, the IAF folks seems much more @ ease than Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, I thought the people in general friendlier. I just had 2 weeks in the Negev, with Magav.
Sari Friedman
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Arbel Shemesh Hi Sari, this is Arbel, my phone # is 054-807-9317 , let's talk
Walter Renn Well written! Go far!
Hillary Homzie I feel happier like I can touch one of the rungs of the ladder just by reading your post.
Fernande Fischer Heck Thank you for bringing back colorful memories of Israel. Wishing you joy & shalom in your life.
Anisoara Kirschner Great writing!
North American Jews would love to read short stories in English from Israel... just a thought.
Sari Friedman Tell that to the publishers.....
Sari Friedman
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Lynn H. Friedman I just finished a guided meditation where an Angel was climbing a ladder! WOW. May your Angels always feel near to you. Amen
Hans York Continue to relish & enjoy!
Eileen Malone Loving your reports, keep 'em coming, please. . .