Friday, August 28, 2015

Relying on Spiritual GPS

Course corrections from morning to night. I head for an Israeli bus station and end up on a train. Sometimes the buses I’m waiting for do not appear, as in “never," though my phone app continues to insist that these buses and I exist in the same time and space. At other times busses appear that aren’t posted. Should I board them?
I've given up almost all my possessions. I don’t know where to live. I don’t know why I’m simultaneously enthralled and anxious and annoyed. There are too many decisions to make as I careen from one inexplicable weirdness to the next.
Yes, it’s crossed my mind that I could be doing a crazy thing coming here. Israel has 47,000 varieties of heat. I don’t speak the language. It can be absolutely impossible to find an open bank on a normal Tuesday afternoon. Someone tried to persuade me to move into a rental with the argument that it was located in a town that wasn’t targeted for rocket fire much. 
But there are energetic forces here far beyond the mundane. This place is far more mysterious than material. This is a metaphysical oasis. There are answers here despite the fact that almost everything seems gritty and hard, most of the contemporary architecture is a bunch of cement boxes on sand, there’s widespread poverty.
My spiritual GPS brought me here and I still don’t really know why. As I try to find my path, passing through scents of cumin, roast nuts, schwarma, baking bread and chocolate, indulging in hummus so good it’s practically hallucinogenic, already tired of the proliferating flip-flop and cheap shirt stores, I realize that I’m becoming both more and less of the person I thought I was.
Most of my American habits (sleeping on organic cotton, eating organic food) make almost no sense here. But I am not a constellation of habits and I hope to transcend my circumstances. I hope I’m on the right path, despite the fact that I am constantly lost. I have many questions: who are the Bitter Brothers? Why was I led here? Am I losing things I need? Is it possible to simply exist as a soul? Have I lost my mind? Am I surrounded by miracles or chaos? You tell me.

From Chaya Rosen: Mazel Tov Sari Friedman on so many new beginnings. May you go from strength to strength...

Course corrections from morning to night. I head for an Israeli bus station and end up on a train.......
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Shirley Dratler Hepner Get out your "A guide to Your First Steps in Israel" and follow it. Also start studying Hebrew. You should know the aleph bet by this time and your numbers. Get a map - you know that piece of paper that shows you the streets of the city, which you c...See More
Daniel Winter "The map is not the territory."
Eva Lowe Sari Friedman, my best advise is, take your time. Look around , go north and look some more. It's cheaper to live up north. And it's only a train ride away from your friends in Central israel . You are in an incredible place. Do not put yourself under pressure . It's a pressure cooker anyway.
Shabbat emoticon

Eva Lowe Deborah Birman Shlider, housing is cheaper up north. Even clothing and food is cheaper. We did a price comparison in April this year. The average difference was about 25% in favour of the north.
Sari Friedman

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Daniel Winter If you choose to follow your friend's directional orientation and go north, perhaps my cousin Nimrod can direct you further. Though the language barrier may be an issue. You may find some of the US left coast back to nature vibe with which you're familiar up there. Relax. Vibe with nature. Smell the flowers. Drink some wine. Write.

Shabbat Shalom.

Glen Greenberg Dare I say - it's all good ! Go with the flow btw love your writing
Gary Rimmer Talk to me... Two minds are better than one!!!!
Sonia Blue hazak-hazak-vnithazek-

be-strong-be-strong-...See More

Deborah Birman Shlider Call me Sari !! we get back from Italy next week .Any practical help I can give you...or just ventilation ..and Shirley is right .. When you start the ulpan you will have a supportive community around you
Ben Cowan Sari, sounds like you are in the right place. I sense you are truly awakening. Past delusion, possessions possess us, into the essence - soul. Good for you. Shalom!
Rachel Biale Like native Israelis - make no decisions and do nothing major until AFTER the Chagim (High Holidays).
Deborah Birman Shlider I love your writing !
Sandra Tyler oh Sari. You are a courageous woman. You will be ok.
Laura Melia Kelly Beautiful journey xo
Anne Levine I made aliyah in 1985. The single most important thing I did was to learn Hebrew fast. Get into an ulpan. Stay away from native English speakers. Have an extraordinary time!
Sari Friedman Anne, would you recommend I move to Kiryat Sheket or Raanana re: Ulpan and learning Hebrew fast? I agree, the language barrier is a huge impediment.
Anne Levine do you mean kiryat sharet?
Sari Friedman
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Gary Lee Gilliam I just checked the temperature in Israel in the middle of the night there and its exactly the same as San Francisco right now at 1:15 pm - 70 degrees. No bombs in recent history either... Just in case you were thinking about coming home. 😎
Sari Friedman Americans don't hear about most of what goes on here, I'm discovering. There're huge problems with Israelis being attacked constantly: stabbings, cars being driven into crowds, firebombs. Has no one heard of nonviolent resistance at the very least? The...See More
Gary Lee Gilliam I hope you get a good book out of it, and I look forward to reading it.
Sari Friedman
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Walter Renn Immerse yourself in the language. Take courses. Otherwise you will succumb to culture shock. Stay gutsy!
Julie Justin Sari, you're exactly where you need to be. smile emoticon Moving to a new country can take months or even a year to start adjusting in a way you feel like it is home, but it is so so worth it. smile emoticon
Julie Gray You are surrounded by both and your post is amazing and it's how I felt too but it won't always feel this way - though the wonder never goes away for me - you can do this! Make room for the shift! Give yourself time and patience!
Julie Gray And practical advice:

1) language. learn it. right now. especially reading it. labels, contracts, bills, maps. this is huge. ...See More

Bruce Bawer The important thing is that you are writing gorgeously. smile emoticon But yes, I would take a language course ASAP. Until you're fluent you're still outside.
Ellie Libitzky Caruso The heat in Florida is unbearable. I found Israeli "hot" to be different. My son at 23 made aliyah. Didn't know a soul. Didn't learn the language for quite some time. 3 months later, he was wearing an IDF uniform, was put in Ulpan, made friends quickly...See More
Lenore Paula Weiss Sending hope and love
Sari Friedman Thank you 💛
Sari Friedman
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Brit McGinnis You poor thing. frown emoticon But I bet you'll come out of this having "come through" something and being happy about having come through it all.
David Malchman There is also a huge push to have people live in the Beersheva area.
Sari Friedman Good to know. Why? And do you recommend this?
Sari Friedman
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Sara A Mann You'll be fine! There's a good reason for being there! Open your heart and mind together, like an aperture I. A camera and look thru with an open mind, SEE WHAT YOU FEEL,
Sari Friedman Ah, what I feel.... panic and excitement...
Sari Friedman
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Marian Paroo Organic food is very big here and getting bigger all the time. I am almost certain I have seen organic cotton sheets.
Sari Friedman I am in Holon, and haven't had a moment to shop for things like sheets.... maybe later I will find them wink emoticon
Marian Paroo I am pretty sure that Golf is where I saw the sheets.
Sari Friedman
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Kate Sharp Once you are living in your own apartment, life will be much easier. A home base will allow you to become familiar with your own neighborhood instead of twenty possible neighborhoods. You are struggling through the roughest period, I think. You are so gutsy!
Samuel Cohen Its just the begining, dont worry about feeling confused. Soon you will forget all about the things that bother you, inconvinence you. Afterbeing here for some time, seeing countless miracles, acts of kindness, and living amongst your people----- all ...See More
Michelle Hammer Sari, I had a similar experience with the bus that never came when I lived there 10 years ago and teaching English. When I asked people why the bus wasn't coming they explained the bus changes its route in the evenings. People are usually helpful. Try ...See More
Hindy Abelson You are likely surrounded by both. As we know from our backgrounds as children of survivors, Jewish miracles are never easy or obvious. My advice is to enjoy your handsome wonderful son and your friends. And, most importantly go easy on yourself. A...See More
Sari Friedman

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Toba Abramczyk may the shield of david protect you. may you live out your dreams in israel and may god bless

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